vert-shock-storyChallenge yourself for the three phases which compose of training for vert shock program and you might find that you will be able to retrain fast twitch muscle fibers for flying and when they are most critical to your exercise. The first phase is the pre shock program. It is expected to last for a week. This phase is a preparation stage of the program of vert shock because it could prepare you to have various body exercises. Although you may add several jumping abilities in this stage, it is designed to make fast tune for your body to make it challenging which you might face while doing this program. Secondly, in this phase, you can identify the perfect fiber use of your body. After completing this phase, you would make a good condition for your body and can observe for some improvements in your skill for at least three up to five inches.

The second phase of vert shock program is the shock phase and it is the most crucial of all the phases in this program. At this phase, you will be subjected to have a number of trainings like strength and plyometric exercises and others. During this phase, you should understand about managing your nervous system. It is important because it is very critical to expand your energy wisely by using your fast twitch fibers, and also you ca reach this without being tired.